Health & Wealth Opportunity Call
Let's chat about what it means to be a Young Living Brand Partner, especially with the company's newest business enhancements. YL has decided to PAY US MORE during a recession (it’s safe to say that’s what this is right?) and put MORE MONEY IN OUR POCKET just for referring friends. 

Let me tell you how this works:
  1. You do not have to build a team or want to “grow a business.” You do not have to make any commitments to anything. 
  2. You simply have to share your personal link with friends. Just like you do with anything else like your favorite gym membership or app or heck, even banks give referral credits these days! 
  3. Except this is different because you will earn a MINIMUM of $75 PER PERSON you refer!! WHAT?!?!
Want to learn more about how to share your YL referral link and make an extra $500 or more? Join us for a quick call on Thursday, January 26th at 7:30 pm CST/8:30 pm EST to hear the details and learn how to quickly and easily get those 5 hundies (or more!) in your pocket! 

This is for the:
  • The person wanting to get their orders paid for 
  • 9-5er looking to supplement income or reduce hours
  • College student
  • Someone wanting extra cash
  • Retirees 
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Those unhappy in their jobs...
It’s an opportunity for everyone ❤️
  • This call will be 30 min and you can turn off your video, so you can just listen in!
  • This is open to anyone, current customers or not, so invite a friend to join you! 

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