Whether you're new to making diet and lifestyle changes that stick or have already changed a lot within your life, I'm here to 
meet you where you're at...helping to guide you step-by-step and support you through this emotional and challenging time. 

Consider me your personal hype-girl!
I am here to answer all your questions, guide you, and hold space for you as you process through any emotions that come up for you on this journey. My goal is to encourage, support, and empower you to take more control of your fertility health. I am here to meet you right where you are and sit with you in the middle of the hard stuff as we build a special connection while on your journey of becoming a mom.

We are going to create new habits together that build momentum, break free from conventional methods, explore holistic options while optimizing your fertility in the process. All in a grace-filled environment that is about self-compassion, self-control, and self-empowerment.

Here's How Our Time Together Will Look...

  • Access to me 5 days a week via Marco Polo
  • 1:1 video calls to serve your specific needs
  • Weekly check-ins to inspire and encourage you
  • Answers to your specific questions about preconception planning, food triggers, meal planning, supplementation, hormonal imbalance, managing stress, improving gut health, optimizing egg quality, etc... 
  • Habit tracking and accountability to help keep you on track to keep you free from the cycle of on-again-off-again. 
  • Holding space for you as you process through any emotions that come up for you on this journey and teaching you to hold space for yourself. 
  • Meeting you where you are, sitting with you in the middle of hard stuff, and connecting with you in a more spiritual way.
This Is Your Invitation To A Guided Journey Where You Can Create an Environment That Improves Your Chances of Having a Successful Pregnancy. 

Let's chat! Set up a free 30-minute chat to see what we can accomplish together.

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