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Monthly Team Zoom Calls
Invite your friends to these monthly team Zooms. Everyone is welcome! Not limited to our members! This is a great way to engage your friends and family in our oily lifestyle without the intimidation of prepping a presentation yourself.
2021 FORMAT:
2nd Thursdays at 2:30pm ET: (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov)
2nd Mondays at 7pm ET: (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)

First 30 min - Presentation (recorded)
Remaining 60 min - Q & A (nonrecorded)

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Zoom Call Recordings

Discovering Your True Self and Your True Health in the New Year
Are you interested in creating a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside? Don't get me wrong, I love a pretty new outfit or a sparkly new piece of jewelry but I found that as I aged and became more depleted I needed a TUNE-UP on the inside! Watch this Zoom to hear the tips our team members shared to upgrade these issues using Young Living products.

🌟Organic Living

Happy Hormones!
(Talk begins at 9 min 45 seconds)

Ready to learn how to balance your hormones? 
In this zoom call, experienced oilers share how they balance their hormones for mood, transitional age issues, adrenals, and intimacy.

🌿Teenage Issues
🌿Oils in the bedroom
🌿Oils for women
🌿Oils for men

Let's hit the reset button and get back to how we were designed to function!

Robert Tennyson Stevens -
Book Interview!
(Talk begins at 4 min 45 seconds)

Interview with author and coach Bob Stevens of Mastery Systems International about his exciting new book, My Word Made Flesh! Learn specific instructions on how to use Young Living essential oils and supplements to amplify upgrades, plus lots more!! 

Bob is a pioneer in the influence of verbal language, body language, emotions, and imagination on activating and enjoying our dreams. I recommend Bob’s book “Conscious Language: the Logos of Now” a few times a week to friends and customers as a practical guide to speaking dreams into existence. 

I have coached individually with Bob, listened to his CDs, and taken his in-person and group training with my husband. The wisdom he so generously shares has had a tremendous impact on our marriage, careers, family, and community. We are so very grateful for Bob. 

Tony and I are excited to interview Bob together to see what he has been up to since we last visited and to hear how his new book can help us upgrade even more! I had a sneak peek at the book and was excited to see chapters on the role of Young Living Essential Oils in amplifying upgrades.

  • You MUST MUST MUST get this book if you use Young Living essential oils and supplements in combination with affirmations.
  • To order MY WORD MADE FLESH (once released) or other materials from Robert Tennyson Stevens (Bob) please go to  

Secrets to Mastering Mindset and Conscious Language - Dr. Colette Interview with Courtney Picou!

Interview with Dr Colette Polignone! Learn specific instructions on how to use choose your words in order to manifest your desired outcome.

This interview is for listeners who are yearning for something greater in their lives. It’s about learning how to "re-talk" so your self-talk results in what you  actually want, not the opposite. Its about knowing your true identity and hearing truth. 

After listening to this interview you will have the ability to create something from what you already know about yourself! Dr. Colette's greatest passion is to help every individual see the potential within themselves and step forth into their God-given calling so they can impact their families, communities, businesses, cities, and nations in powerful, loving ways.

Cracking the Code On Communication - Peg Duchesne
We are excited to announce our special guest speaker: Peg is a professional "Message Therapist." She teaches people how to improve their communication to enhance their relationships, both business and personal. Her motto:  "I massage your words so you don't rub anyone the wrong way." 

Imagine knowing what to say that will resonate with your potential customers and those in your personal life. Learn how to get fewer "No's" and get to the "YES" more quickly. Peg uses the system and language of B.A.N.K. (Blueprint-Action-Nurturing-Knowledge) to determine your personality type. You will learn your personality type and effective ways to communicate with other personality types.

Abundance Mindset and Motivation Tips
Do you have a hard time with motivation in ANY area of your life? Diet, exercise, work, chores, or simply knocking out that one miserable task? During this zoom, we shared mindset, motivation, and oily tips applicable to all occupations/tasks.

Additionally, are you interested in sharing Young Living with your friends and loved ones? Do you have a hard time staying consistent and implementing a single daily action to reach enough people? Our team has been training together in MOMENTUM MASTERCLASS with Coach Richard Bliss Brooke and we are excited to share motivating tips we have learned during this training:
~ how to be curious & ask questions that help us help people
~ how to stay motivated
~ how to be a better listener
~ how to get the thing done when you'd rather Netflix binge!
~ how to be successful without all the fear and self-sabotage
~ how to make tasks FUN and EASY!

Watch even if you are simply curious about what this side hustle could do for you in terms of time and money. Or if you simply wanna learn some great tips for how to bang out the thing that hangs over you because you hate to do it.

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