My A-Ha Moment...
As a first-time mom over 8 years ago, I wanted to ditch toxins from our everyday cleaners and products so that my baby wasn't being exposed to dangerous chemicals that could cause health problems for her down the road. I was using essential oils in my DIY household products, but when I was introduced to Young Living oils, the superior quality blew me away. The real ah-ha moment was when my daughter slept through the night after I diffused lavender in her room! That was 8 years ago, and we've been using it ever since! 
 7 Reasons Why I Ditched Candles 
When you think of candles, how does it make you feel? Snuggly? Warm? I used to be OBSESSED with candles. I had them in every room. Used them daily! 

Those feelings you feel when burning candles are usually linked to those smells. The limbic system (the emotional center of your brain) is strongly linked to scent. Scents are connected to memories, good + bad, so when we smell them, it can bring back those same feelings imprinted on our limbic system.

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I had heard that “wellness is not the absence of sickness” and that resonated with me. Yes, I wanted my family healthy, but I did not fully understand wellness was more than that. Eight years later, there have been many lessons learned, failures that I chose to re-frame into “an opportunity to change” and many wins for our family. I realized that I can control so many things in our daily lives but so many things I can’t... but I have been “awakened” to the harmony between those.

I want to share what I've found, you and your family are worth it!

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