Preconception Checklist

If you’ve decided to prepare for pregnancy, here are some things to think about to help optimize your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally!

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Tracking Ovulation

Tracking ovulation helps to make sure that you're targeting the most fertile window in your cycle so that you are maximizing your chances of getting pregnant.

Are you hoping to start a family and want to ensure a healthy pregnancy?
It's important to consider the essential vitamins and minerals that both you and your baby need. 

While a balanced diet is crucial, it may not be enough to provide all the necessary nutrients for optimal growth. That's where prenatal vitamins come in! 

These supplements are a game-changer for your fertility journey and the health of your little one.

  • Did you know that taking prenatal vitamins can increase your chances of getting pregnant and support a healthy pregnancy? 

  • By supporting your nutritional needs, prenatal vitamins help your body function at its best and will contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

  • For women and men, quality prenatal vitamins can improve egg quality and increase sperm motility, giving your little one the best start possible.

  • Taking quality prenatal vitamins 3-6 months before trying to conceive can make a world of difference in preparing your body!

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Discover the five important tips that will help you make an informed decision.
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