Lemme walk you through a normal day of oil used for many of us, including me. Over time it is easier to stay consistent if you intentionally work oils into your daily routine... We use them for everything!
Creating a Daily Routine of Using Oils 
Now… I know many of you may only be using a drop of oil here or there, but when I started really intentionally using our oils, that’s when the true CHANGE of health & wellness really started happening. 

Opening those bottles consistently is what turned us around the corner to a healthier lifestyle. YES, we also made other changes like eating better and cleaning up our environment (no candles, more diffusing; less toxic stuff, more Thieves Cleaner, etc...). 

But let’s start with this.
TWENTY-FIVE DROPS PER DAY. Woah there, isn't that a lot of oil? Eh… not really. 

Lemme walk you through a normal day of oil used for many of us, including me. 
Over time it is easier to stay consistent if you work oils into your daily routine...

  • I get up and drink a glass of water. I add 1-2 drops of Lemon Vitality and drink up. 
  • I wash my face with a seedlings baby wipe or use skincare stuff (Bloom, ART, or Orange Blossom Cleanser, Moisturizer, etc...) and I add 1-2 drops of Elemi or Frankincense with my moisturizer and rub into my face.
  • I apply 2-4 drops of Progessence Plus on my wrists, inner thighs, or inner ankles each morning.
  • I use 1-2 drops of EndoFlex Vitality under my tongue or apply it topically over my thyroid.
  • I apply 2-4 drops of emotional oils topically on my wrists and neck. Favorite oils are:
    • JOY (for SURE over my heart), Awaken, White Angelica, Hope, Valor, Harmony, Kidpower… one or two of these oils, a couple drops each. (4 drops)
  • NingXia time! I love adding oils to NingXia Red… something citrus like Orange, Lemon, or Lime (2 drops), 1-2 drops of Frankincense, or Thieves Vitality.
  • Roll Thieves roll on the bottoms of my feet and/or down my spine.

Mid-Morning Vitality Oil Capsule (varies based on how I feel):
  • Pollen/Seasonal trio (3 drops each of Lemon, Peppermint + 5 drops each of Lavender, and Copaiba). Can't breathe, feeling stuffy, overactive response to seasonal changes.
  • Adrenal/Endocrine trio (5 drops each of EndoFlex, Nutmeg, JuvaFlex).
  • Wellness Capsule (4 drops each of Thieves + Lemon, 3 drops Oregano + 2 drops each of Melaleuca Alternafolia and Frankincense Vitality Oils). Feeling under the weather.
  • Longevity Capsule (2-3 drops each of Longevity + Copaiba Vitality @ night before bed to support the immune system as well as healthy skin. High antioxidant content.
  • Gentle Parasite + Digestive Cleanse (15 drops Digize Vitality in a capsule 3 x day for 7 days). Helps to reduce bloating, and cravings and supports healthy digestion.

  • If I need a pick-me-up in the afternoon or get a headache or something, I might do 1-2 drops of Peppermint under my tongue (sublingual) or apply to the back of my neck.
  • If I’m out at Target and feeling iffy, or someone around me is sick, or I’m in a public place and people are grossing me out, 1-2 drops of Thieves under my tongue.
  • If I'm feeling a little sluggish, I'll swipe 1 drop of Nutmeg Vitality on the inside of my cheek.
  • Frankincense Vitality under my tongue for any popup stress or drop on the crown of my head.
  • And my Valor, CBD calm, or Chill roller throughout the day!
  • And Stress Away or Peace + Calming in my purse for when I’m feeling overwhelmed.
  • Lotttttsa Joy throughout the day.
  • Motivation on my ears, and Cedarwood + Vetiver on my thumb + big toe when I'm sitting down in the office to help me focus and concentrate. 
  • If I need some clarity of thought, I love to apply a few drops to the crown of my head or my temples… that could be Peppermint, Frankincense, Brain Power, and even kids Genyus!
  • And Vitality drops in my water.
  • And any oils I use on the kids --> I’m touching & benefitting as I apply oils to them!

  • How about Lavender + Cedarwood on my neck and feet before bed?
  • I take a bath at least 1-2 nights a week. Add 6-8 drops of desired oil to Epsom salt then pour in a warm bath. Soak for 20 minutes.
😍Gosh by the time I’ve done all of that, I’m still only using a couple of drops at a time, but the uses are ENDLESS! I could easily be using double those 25 drops! 😍
Notice NONE of the above included diffusing. I want to encourage you to focus on using our oils personally for the next month! I love to diffuse all day, but there’s something amazing that happens when we continue to grab those bottles and put them on our bodies, and inhale them throughout the day. So keep doing that!!
Challenge yourself - how many ways can you use your oils and Young Living Products in a day? Drop your daily routine here! 

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