Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Fertility Health?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I've been through a conventional fertility evaluation and received no explanation for why you're having trouble conceiving or carrying to term.
  • I suffer from chronic health symptoms like painful periods, PMS, acne, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, and/or food sensitivities and I want to finally get to the bottom of what's happening in my body.
  • I've been diagnosed with a condition that might affect fertility like endometriosis, PCOS, or a thyroid disorder, and want to know what you can do to support your health and get pregnant naturally?
You're in the right place!
I am on a personal journey to empower more women to take control of their fertility, improve their health in a holistic way and ultimately enhance their chances of conceiving naturally.

It's my mission to be a world-changer in the functional fertility movement and cultivate a powerful community of women inspired to breathe life and speak positivity into those that are struggling with infertility. The road can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be.

I am you. I get where you are and what you want to be... a Mom.

  • Are you sick of feeling heartbroken every month when you see that negative test?

  • Do you want to prepare your body and feel the best heading into pregnancy so you can give your baby the strongest possible start to life?
  • Are you suffering from any guilt, shame, fear, anger, confusion, anxiousness, or sadness surrounding your fertility journey?

  • Do you feel lost, like no one understands and your options to natural conception are limited

I once felt these same things. I once was in a similar place. I have been where you are and I understand the journey even though our journeys are different.
What if I told you...
  • You have so much more power than you ever realized to support and improve your chances of conceiving and bringing home a healthy baby.
  • Your body is an incredibly intelligent system and it's smart enough to know when conditions are right to conceive and carry a child... and when they're not. 
  • The key to success is finding out what might be interfering with your body's natural tendency toward optimal health and fertility and fixing the problem at its source.
So, what are some of the things that can steal 
energy and resources from the reproductive process?
Food sensitivities

* Poor digestion and absorption

* Inflammation or immune system dysregulation

* An overload of environmental toxins or decreased ability to detoxify

* Imbalances in blood sugar and insulin levels

* Hormonal imbalances (low progesterone, high estrogen, high testosterone, etc.)

* Thyroid dysfunction

* Chronic physical or emotional stress

Has your doctor fully evaluated you for all of these contributing factors? 

If not, then there's definitely more to investigate. Getting to your unique root cause is what a functional approach to fertility is all about. And, I'm here to help you do exactly that!
What if you could...
Save time spending fewer hours, days, months, looking - scrolling and Googling for the "next possible thing" to try that will surely be the secret sauce you need to get pregnant.

Save money on purchasing #AllTheThings! The ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins that don't serve your body, pregnancy books, doctor visits, diagnostic test, scans and ultrasounds, fertility medications, fertility treatments (IUI/IVF), and on, and on. Ugh... it can seem never-ending!

Save energy in trying the same things over and over each month, only to get your hopes up that this time will finally "BE THE MONTH" that you get the positive pregnancy test, only to be let down time and time again. 

If any of this has resonated with you, then you are reading this for a reason. There are no coincidences that you are here and that is why I am excited to tell you that it's time to push through the roadblocks that could be hindering your chances of having a happy, healthy baby.

I am here today to say there is hope and you have options. There are dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to increase your fertility health therefore optimizing your chances of conceiving and ultimately growing your family.

Brandi B.