Five months into my fertility journey, my dad got diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and I was thrust into the position of being his primary caregiver... an important responsibility that I didn't take lightly by any means. In that moment, I was trying to create life while fighting to save my dad's at the very same time.

His diagnosis thrust my wellness journey into overdrive and basically hasn't slowed down for well over a decade now. I was (and still am) eager to learn how to live a more natural lifestyle because my dad's life literally depended on it. In the midst of it all, I had been struggling with stress, hormonal issues, chronic gut issues, infertility, a miscarriage and too many symptoms to count. Sadly, it took me nearly 3 years BEFORE I finally conceived naturally.

Now that I'm a proud mama to a manifested miracle and a surprise blessing, I am on a mission to share my stories and knowledge to support and encourage other women who are on a similar path and could use a mentor to guide them.

Gluten-Free Modern-Day Hippie!
Clean eating didn't happen overnight for me! In fact, my own health journey took me years to discover that my diet and nutrition had a significant impact not only on my reproductive health but also contributed to years of digestive issues that caused a cascading effect of other issues for me internally. Despite my efforts to eat a healthy diet. I spent a ton of money, time, effort and energy trying to find answers but no real explanation or relief came to pass. 

I finally sought the help of a holistic practitioner in 2014 that was educated in alternative health practices and believed in the importance of functional medicine. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I made and she ended up being my saving grace. My Naturopath uncovered a gluten sensitivity and worked with me in creating a plan to implement dietary changes that not only would improve (even heal) my gut health but also optimize my reproductive health, help regulate my hormones and rescue me from adrenal fatigue ... and she was right! Gluten-free living was one piece of the puzzle that helped changed everything for me. It was a blessing in disguise in many ways. I feel so much better, I would never go back to eating gluten.
Brandi is on a mission to help improve the health of women by focusing on healthy eating, clean living, balancing hormones, and encouraging natural fertility methods to those women trying to conceive.
Having been in the health and wellness space for over a decade, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I've gone down countless rabbit holes, invested hundreds of hours in research, and have personal experiences and successes that can help guide you on your journey. I hope to expand your knowledge by teaching you new ways to improve your overall health and wellness in a holistic way... ultimately enhancing your chances of conceiving naturally if that's your heart's desire (like mine was)!

Six months after making the dramatic diet + lifestyle changes, we found out we were pregnant! I went on to have a super healthy pregnancy, unmedicated childbirth, and a wonderful nursing experience that lasted just over 28 months. Because of the changes I made, I didn't experience secondary infertility with my son. Surprisingly, I was nearly 4 months pregnant when we found out we were expecting for the second time! Today, I am super passionate about helping women improve their fertility health to optimize natural conception without feeling lost, hopeless, or alonešŸ‘£ CLICK HERE TO WORK TOGETHER.