Cutting Edge (CE) is an ongoing, monthly business coaching program with Martha K. Basically, when you sign up for CE, you are an extension of her team. You aren’t actually in her downline but you get everything she gives to her own Brand Partners as far as onboarding new customers, training, systems, processes, campaigns, and prizes.

Program Description (what we get when we invest in this coaching): 

  • Daily homework with specific social media posts to share without having to sit around all day and think about what to post...(10 mins tops here)
  • Do’s and dont’s of what to post and especially what NOT to post so that we don't waste our time posting ineffective content. 
  • Watch your social media engagement increase dramatically! Mine did! When people actually see your content (algorithm thing) they can benefit from the ways you love to serve them.
  • LEAD group - We can put our leads into a community lead group with bi-monthly opportunity calls plus lots of great YL  product testimonies. 
  • EDUCATION group - which includes the JUMPSTART with a focus on NingXia Red, reversing inflammation, and weight loss as well as detoxing your home
  • BUSINESS group - This is where she coaches us and our new brand partners to implement a social media strategy that works to gain new leads (strangers) from our fun content
  • Monthly 4-hour Mastermind (ongoing business training)
  • Quarterly intensives in Orlando (in-person and/or virtual)
  • Strategy calls with her trained staff 
  • Hot seat coaching opportunities with Martha 
  • We develop our “bat signal/niche” that makes us stand out and attract people who are looking for our solution 
  • Invited to all of her team calls, contests, training, campaigns, and such…
  • Conversation “cheat” sheets to help us with the language of what to say when we get tongue-tied and are lost for words
  • Learn how to create 90 days of content in 90 minutes
  • Phenomenal mindset coaching → Big Think course
  • Referral program to help YOU get your coaching paid for
You don't have to do this alone, and you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

I believe she is delivering MASSIVE VALUE for a SMALL monthly investment. Plus she is a delight to work with as she truly wants us to all thrive in our YL businesses!

In Cutting Edge, our primary focus is:
  1. Lead Generation / Attraction Marketing
  2. Conversion of Builders AND Customers
  3. Retention (keeping people on your team)
  4. Team + Community Building / Brand Equity
She is brilliant with marketing strategy and it works. Plus it’s all the easy button!! Let me help guide you. Let's GOOOO!!!!

Whenever you are ready, be sure to use my referral link as well as the discount code, FOUNDER.

Either way, I love you, and am here for you!
xo Brandi 

PS, because I’m talking about making money, here's the IDS: 


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