How I Helped My Dad Recover from Coronavirus

In October 2020, my dad tested positive for the coronavirus

To say I was scared, really would be an understatement. My dad is considered high-risk. He is a three-time cancer survivor (lung cancer at that), only functions with 1 ⅓ lung, has atherosclerosis, and is in his mid 60’s.

After he got the positive test result, the Urgent Care facility suggested he go to the emergency room but my dad wanted to go home instead. Honestly, going to the hospital seemed scarier than dealing with this at home. A day or so later, he felt worse so he went to the local hospital in the super small town where he lives. They wanted to keep him but no beds were available.

Rather than going to a different hospital, my dad was not at peace with going and just wanted to get to me. He had this immense desire to be close to me so I could help him to the best of my ability. He knew I would fight tooth and nail to help save his life (oh, the pressure). 

Unfortunately, my dad lives 2 hours away and now needed a place to go to recover to reduce the risk of anyone else in the household getting sick. 

God totally came through and blessed us with some really sweet friends that put my dad up in a suite close to my mom and me. Seriously, I’ve got so much love + gratitude for them, their presence, and support when we needed it most.

Just getting him to me was a miracle in itself. Honestly, he drove to the city despite him being in pretty poor shape.

These are the  symptoms he was experiencing: 







Body Aches 

Labored breathing

Shortness of breath

Loss of taste + smell

When we finally got to the suite, he waited outside while I got his room set up with all the things I could think of to help him fight this. 

Thankfully, I had been following various natural practitioners + medical professionals and listening to their advice, feedback, suggestions, and concerns about this virus. 

So, when my dad called to tell me he caught Covid, I went into straight survival mode. 

Please know the following information is for educational purposes. What I am about to share is our story and the regimen we used to help my dad in his recovery. I am not a medical professional and this is not meant to take the place of medical advice. Please do your own research and speak with your healthcare professional. 

Below is the regimen we followed for 2 weeks. 

1) Lots of water

  • One drop of Lemon Vitality essential oil to help support detoxification 

    • We only use Young Living Essential Oils for many reasons

    • Young Living Vitality essential oils are labeled for internal consumption

  • Tonic water with quinine 

2) Zinc Citrate (RAW brand) 2x day

3) Vitamin C 

  • Antioxidant + immune system support

  • Vitamin C powder packets so he could add it to every glass of water and consume throughout the day

  • We used Super C from Young Living

4) Vitamin D

5) Inner Defense (essential oil supplement from YL) 1-2 x day

6) Ningxia Red (1 oz) am/pm - 2 x a day (each packet is 2oz. = split between am/pm)

7) Probiotics (Life 9 from YL) took one at night before bed. 

8) Thieves cough drops (another way to get thieves into the body)

9) A diffuser was going non-stop with the following essential oils: 

  • Thieves, Raven, Eucalyptus, or Egyptian Gold (all from Young Living)

10) Essential oils were applied often to the bottoms of feet + chest 

  • Whatever you have... just use it 

  • We only use + suggest Young Living oils - let’s chat if you need oils in your life

  • Lavender = calming, stress or anxiety

  • Lemon = 1 drop in each glass of water 

    • Please don’t put lemon oil in plastic - only use glass or stainless steel

  • Peppermint = 1 drop in a large glass of water

    • Supported digestion + indigestion 

    • applied diluted on the temples for head tension

    • On the bottoms of feet to help lower elevated temperature

    • On the muscles to help ease muscle tension

  • Frankincense = on the bottoms of feet and on the chest

    • Supported cellular function

    • Supported respiratory system and immune system

  • Raven = applied on his chest, on the bottoms of his feet + in the diffuser

    • Supports respiratory system

  • Thieves = 1 drop in a tbsp of honey

    • Added 5-6 drops in the diffuser

    • Rubbed on the bottoms of his feet

    • 1-2 drops can be added to an herbal tea

  • Peace + Calming = emotional support + helped to reduce stress 

  • Stress Away = emotional support + helped to reduce stress

11) Nebulizer = breathing treatments 

  • My dad had albuterol but some nebulizers come with a saline solution

  • Diluted 1-2 drops of Raven or Eucalyptus essential with coconut oil and applied under the nose, on the neck, and chest before treatment

13) BLM + Agilease 

  • Bone, Ligaments Muscles supplement + Joint supplement from Young Living 

14) Low dose Tylenol for the aches and pains

15) Herbal Tea (Traditional Medicinals) - Echinacea or Breath Easy

16) We monitored his vitals regularly with a blood pressure cuff and a pulse/oximeter

The nights seemed to have been worse for my dad. Getting comfortable to sleep was difficult. I suggest using any oils (lavender, peace + calming, stress away) to help if you are experiencing this as well. 

He overcame the breathing troubles sooner than the gut issues... 

For him, the loose stool lingered for over 2 weeks

  • Probiotics and digestive enzymes are so important to help support the gut 

  • Also used DiGize Vitality on the abdomen and bottoms of feet

  • DiGize doesn't smell the best but it's super effective

Although he had a negative covid test 2 weeks after being diagnosed, It took him about 3 - 4 weeks to really feel back to his normal self. Just hang in there and do all the things. If you have questions, just reach out. 

I listened to a podcast from Organic Olivia that was super informative and empowering. It’s about her life-changing Covid story and you should totally give it a listen.

  • It’s episode #18 wherever you listen to your podcasts just search her name 

If you or your friends or family are currently battling covid, first things first...I’m so sorry. 

My prayer is that by sharing my experience and my dad’s recovery journey, you are inspired to live in faith + not fear, feel empowered to do what you can, and ultimately find hope in our story.

UPDATE 10/4/21:
It's been a year now since he contracted CV19, and there has been a lot of new information surrounding CV19 and various protocols to combat this virus. 

Based on my findings, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are incredible IF you can find a doctor who will prescribe them in your local area. We used Ivermectin to help my mom when she got CV earlier this year. 

Keep in mind, you can make a virtual appointment with America's Frontline Doctors and to my understanding, they can prescribe.

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) was being studied for its use against CV19. It is a precursor to glutathione production and is highly recommended IF you can find it. 

May God bless you and heal you,

xoxo - Brandi