Oklahoma Exemption Form to Attend Public School

A mama reached out to me about exemptions for the upcoming school year, so this very important topic bears repeating as the 2022-2023 school year is nearly upon us.

In case you're unaware, in Oklahoma, we have 3 exemptions that are protected by law (personal/philosophical, religious, and medical) in regard to having immunizations. 

Shots required to attend school in Oklahoma: ZERO ✌🏼

Whether your kids are “up-to-date” but you don’t want them to be given any more shots or you’ve delayed them for whatever reason and you just don’t want them being exposed… you are entitled to informed consent and if you feel like it's not in the best interest of your child, you have the right, by law, to file an exemption in this state.

Please do not be misinformed or even bullied by your doctor, or your school if it’s not your desire, and don't let the propaganda papers that are sent home intimidate you either.

Last year, we received an email of IMPORTANT INFORMATION being sent from our elementary school and there was an entire section reserved for this topic so I know you will be faced with making this decision as well. Do your research. Be informed.

 Please remember, we have choices that are protected by law. V-X is not mandatory for school in Oklahoma (praise the Lord).


Exemption Form: 

We need to keep fighting for that medical freedom. Mandates are HERE. Companies are requiring them for you to work - to feed your family. (Whether you choose to V on everything but the flu shot, maybe you pass on HPV, maybe you’re for all of them except the new CV jab, maybe you space them out - that is your CHOICE and your choice must always be protected.

There will likely be HUNDREDS of new Vs coming down the pipeline over time. Which will be “too many” for you? Which will get a free “pass” from you? That is your choice. That is your medical freedom to choose what medical procedure you and your family get.

 There are more of you (us) - when we band together and DO NOT allow ourselves to BE COERCED INTO A MEDICAL INTERVENTION YOU DO NOT WANT. 


If you aren’t outraged about this country trying to mandate pharmaceutical products (even the latest experimental gene therapy on our young children), then you are playing with fire. If we no longer have control over our own body autonomy, ALL freedoms will eventually be lost.

I digress.

My DMs are always open, holler if you have questions. If you'd like me to direct you to research, documentaries, books, or doctors in this field of expertise so you can go down the RABBIT HOLE here on my website. I dive into a lot of different topics, including V A C C I N E S.