Inner Beauty Collagen | 21 Day Challenge

The skin is our largest organ and the stress of the last 2 years has wreaked havoc on it. Our hair and nails need some extra love too! (especially if you had “the thing that shall not be named” that post-hair loss is real).

If you:
Want to reduce the lines on your face
Want to plump up your skin
Want to glow from within
Want to grow longer, stronger hair & nails
Want to reduce UV & blue light damage on your skin
Want to strengthen your skin from the inside out
…then, you need to join us for a fun 21-day challenge!


Two things you need to know for summer prep: Skin + Exfoliation

As far as I’m concerned, it’s never too early to start thinking (and dreaming) about summer…. So, this month we are going to talk all about preparing for the summer months!

Up first, let’s talk about skin. Summer skin is much different than winter skin and the skin on our face is much different than the skin on our feet. One of the best ways to get all skin in summer shape is to exfoliate!