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I saw Dr. Menzel 4 weeks later for a follow-up appointment, then 6 weeks after that and every 8 weeks after that for the next 6 months. I was determined to follow her regimen religiously and started seeing significant improvements in my health and tremendous changes in my body.

  • I didn’t bloat after eating 

  • I didn’t experience abdominal pain

  • My digestive system was on point - I was regular on the daily (wink wink)

  • My face was clearing up (no more acne)

  • My energy levels were elevated 

  • I was getting restful sleep

  • The midday headaches diminished (total game-changer) 

  • No more canker sores on the inside of my mouth 

  • The little bumps (keratosis pilaris) on the back of my arms and thighs disappeared

  • For the first time since getting off birth control, I started having a regular 28-day menstrual cycle (bye-bye irregular periods)

  • I naturally lost weight by doing the elimination diet (not mad about it one bit)


During our initial visit, Dr. Menzel asked me to not “actively” try to get pregnant for the next 180 days while we work to maximize our opportunity to conceive. We could be active, but she requested that I not log anything, like ovulation. The mind mess that can be induced from all the “planning” can create stress in the body which is the exact opposite of what we want.

As hard as it was, I obliged.


So, I continued on with my daily regimen plus frequent visits to my Chiropractor, and that September I felt the nudge to start attending church again. It was Labor Day weekend and I went alone.

I found myself crying during the impactful sermon, I had a lump in my throat, and during the invitation that day, I raised my hand and recommitted my life to Christ.

The following month, my dad and I decided to get baptized together. If you know our history, you understand just how special this moment was for us. 


I was actually pregnant WHEN I got baptized!! I legit had no idea but a positive pregnancy test confirmed it 2 weeks later.

Of course, I was nervous about the possibility of having another miscarriage, but I was in a much better headspace, we had moved back to our college town, work was good, stress was low, my dad was cancer-free and I was the healthiest I had ever been… like ever! 

I continued my daily regimen that was recommended by Dr. Menzel and I went on to have a wonderful pregnancy and natural, medication-free childbirth.

And funny enough, my daughter surprised us 2 weeks early and was born on INDEPENDENCE DAY. God sure does have a sweet way of working things out in the end, doesn’t he?



I seriously feel so grateful and blessed that we were able to overcome our struggles with infertility. To know this affects 10-15% of couples in the U.S. just breaks my heart. The ride is such a roller coaster and for some the journey is costly. 

My prayer is that if you are in the middle of a fertility struggle you find HOPE in my story especially if you can relate to my journey in some way just as I found hope that day walking out of Dr. Menzel’s office. 

Lifestyle changes can make a difference …you won't know unless you try and just maybe you, too, will find yourself pregnant and preparing to welcome a precious baby into your family. 

If you need any help with thismessage my FB Business page to get in touch. I CAN HELP YOU IN YOUR pursuit TO A HAPPY + HEALTHY (NATURAL) PREGNANCY.

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