As a mom, you want the best for your child – physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you or your child is struggling with ADD/ADHD, you may be interested in exploring every natural alternative before resorting to medication. Essential oils are becoming a popular natural remedy for managing the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and I personally use them for myself since stopping prescription medication more than a decade ago. In this blog, we’ll explore what essential oils are, how they work, and which ones are best for managing symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural scent and flavor of their source plant. They contain the very essence of the plant and are extracted by steam distillation or cold-pressing the plant’s aromatic parts. Each oil has its unique scent and properties that can influence the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of a person. Read more on essential oils here.

How do Essential Oils work?

Essential oils contain microscopic molecules that can influence the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotions, behavior, and memory. They can penetrate the bloodstream through inhalation, absorption, or ingestion and interact with the body’s hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters. Some oils can stimulate, while others can calm the nervous system, depending on their chemical composition.

Best Essential Oils for Managing ADD/ADHD
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Lavender Oil – Lavender oil is famous for its soothing aroma that can promote relaxation and improve sleep. It can also help reduce anxiety, hyperactivity, and irritability in children with ADD/ADHD. 

Vetiver Oil – Vetiver oil is a grounding oil that can calm and balance the nervous system. It can improve focus, attention, and self-awareness and promote healthy sleep patterns.

Cedarwood Oil – Cedarwood oil has a woodsy aroma that can stimulate the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that can improve mood, focus, and motivation. It can help reduce distractibility, hyperactivity, and aggression in children with ADD/ADHD.

Frankincense Oil – Frankincense oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can improve brain function and reduce stress. It can also improve memory, attention, and focus, making it an excellent oil for managing ADD/ADHD.

Ylang-Ylang Oil – Ylang-Ylang oil has a sweet floral aroma that can reduce anxiety, relax the mind, and enhance mood. It can also improve the quality of sleep, reduce aggression, and increase calmness in children with ADD/ADHD.

How to use Essential Oils for Managing ADD/ADHD

  • Diffusion – Add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser and let it diffuse throughout the room before or after school. Consider gifting a diffuser to your child's teacher if they are able to diffuse in the classroom. This will benefit the entire class, not just your child.
  • Topical Application – Mix a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil and apply it to your child’s pulse points or the soles of their feet. Consider using fun roller bottles combining calming oils along with a carrier oil and allowing your child to take it to school and apply it throughout the day as needed. You can do this too and take it to work, toss it in your purse, bag, car, desk, etc...
  • Inhalation – Add a few drops of essential oil to the palm of their hand and let your child inhale the scent. Consider purchasing medical-grade inhalers or diffuser jewelry - like bracelets or necklaces so you can apply and then inhale as needed throughout the day.
Essential oils can be a natural and effective way to manage the symptoms of ADD/ADHD in children but I don’t recommend you buy just any oil at the nearest Walmart or health food store. Quality matters 100% and I personally only purchase from one company because I trust their standards and I’ve witnessed their process firsthand when visiting one of their farms in Mona, UT. More on that topic HERE.

Essential oils offer a safe and non-invasive alternative to medication, and their benefits extend beyond symptom relief. However, it’s important to remember that essential oils are not a substitute for proper medical care and should be used in conjunction with other treatments. Always consult with your child’s healthcare provider before using essential oils or any other natural remedy. With the right guidance, patience, and experimentation, you can find the most effective essential oils that work best for your child in order to help them thrive.

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